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A big timer (think Countdown clock) has just pinged; and my suspension period is up. That was a fast three months! (Too quick for Loughborough admin to actually send me any confirmation of the suspension). I’ve got a call scheduled with my supervisors on Tuesday to discuss how to get started again. I haven’t quite managed everything on my To Do list; but I haven’t neglected things all together.

And in the meantime I have sorted other bits of life out. One of the things I’ve done is re-establish contact with another part-time student at Lboro, and begun talking to Dr Gill Ragsdale, director of the Research Degree Programmes about the ways that the university can help us part-timers.

It just so happens that this week is a going to be a busy one; but just the same I have a few items on the list already. I’m going to start by reviewing the headings for the year 2 report, reminding myself what I need to write. I’ve possibly found a way to outsource some of the routine research work, which will save me hours of time, so I will be talking about this and establishing payment terms. Finally I need to re-read some of the philosophy of science work. That should keep me busy.