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The Dawson & Cowen book arrived yesterday, which is great. Started reading on the train home, it’s got lots of useful comments and suggestions.

However, it’s relatively recent (2004) but some of the papers are older. Even 2004 is a long time in web use; the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon (however you choose to define it) has changed a lot of the way ‘the Internet’ is created and managed. Does the more collaboratively constructed web still have the same problems as a hierarchical web site may have had? YouTube makes us all potentially broadcasters so how does that affect distinctions that have been drawn in past examinations of different kinds of media?

So already the pages are covered in question marks with things to follow up and try to place in a very contemporary context.

Other disciplines don’t have this problem do they? Opinions change, I suppose, regarding authors or poems, for example. But the thing being examined isn’t such a moveable feast (unless it’s an in-depth examination of the WRVS’ contribution to Meals on Wheels). 2004 feels too historical already.