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Work on the content analysis is progressing well, if somewhat slower than my ambitious timescale would have hoped. A concerted effort in the next ten days and I should be able to finish. I’m currently looking at very rich, interactive sites which take longer to code. I had a slight diversion in the last few weeks as I took part in the Graduate School’s poster competition.

This was the first time since I was a second year undergraduate I had produced an academic poster. I found it a helpful exercise for two reasons. First, it gave me an opportunity to think about what I had achieved so far and present the project as a legitimate going concern. It also allowed for creative thought. That’s not to say that the writing I do is not creative; but this was a different kettle of fish.

I received the judges’ feedback last week and on the whole, it was encouraging, particularly as I produced the poster without the assistance of the design teams at Loughborough. There was a whole argument about whether I should be required to travel to Lboro for a 20 minute session as a pre-requisite. I scored mostly average, with no aspect being graded as unsatisfactory. One man’s clarity is another man’s oversimplification. I received some negative comments about labels on a map which I’d deemed unimportant, but of course the judges would not know my own priorities nor that I had tried unsuccessfully to hide the labels. I think if I re-do this I will draw my own map, if it is needed; and I will possibly use a bit more colour. The judges weren’t all information specialists and I think if I had to do this again for a different audience I’d make even fewer assumptions. Do people really not recognise the Facebook or Gmail logo? I used these and had it queried as jargon.

In sum: A useful exercise and some time towards the training requirement too.