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Today is the first day that I have set aside for working on the project. It is not going so well so far.

I have struggled to log in to databases via Athens – it took two hours to get a temporary fix. And I feel like I have been going round in circles all day… now it’s nearly 3pm and so far I have managed to arrange a noticeboard.

The things I need to do are:

  • write up notes from the supervision meeting on 14th December
  • write some blurb for my entry on the department’s website
  • find the list of contacts from a meeting with the Church of England
  • contact the librarian at All Nations (who is also a part time research student at Loughborough)
  • generate a list of search terms for interrogating databases
  • make a list of useful journals and their locations, and sign up for RSS feeds to those that use RSS publish their contents

Oh, and start running some meaningful searches.