Here’s Chapter Five. I know you have been waiting with bated breath…

This chapter does a couple of things. Firstly, it presents the longitudinal work, looking at how the numbers of websites across the whole of England have changed over the past four years. They rose, then levelled off – which suggests something about the point we’re at now. All the churches that need one, have one? Or are people starting to use other online tools?

Then, you can find out how many local churches use a professional web design service – yet still let their sites become woefully out of date. Or how many pictures there are. Or how many sites are using frames. These are some of the content analysis findings – setting the scene for the later chapters.

Finally, we talk about what leaders think the ideal website should contain, the role of the national church in supporting web development and some really interesting things about governance, evaluation and skill. Once again, I think you will be surprised – if you thought my PhD was only about websites, you may find these interviews as fascinating as I did.