Not quite out of the woods, but I have definitely seen a signpost and a footpath out. Or, if you prefer, I am very sure that the light I see at the end of the tunnel is daylight and not an oncoming train.

On Monday I went to Loughborough for a supervision meeting – first one I’ve had face-to-face for ages. And, as it transpires, probably the last one. Ever. Having never written a thesis before, I had no idea how far off from finished my draft was. I did not know whether I needed to take small steps, or breach a yawning chasm. Turns out it was small steps. So, yesterday and today I’ve made the last set of suggestions, and been brave enough to write abstract, acknowledgement and the title page. I had a few proofreaders on standby, for ‘oh, sometime in November,’ who have been kind enough to jump into action, and I’ve their amendments/ suggestions still to make. But, you know. Other than that, it’s done. I think. I expect there’ll be tweaks to make, and I dread the internal review outcome. But it is an entirely odd feeling to think that the writing, which has occupied my thinking for the last year, and the project that took up free time and thinking space for the previous four years, is very, very, nearly done.