October 1st… three months (well, two and a bit) until my self-imposed submission deadline. How am I doing?

Well, I’ve written a draft. Three hundred and something pages, 78-and-a-bit thousand words. A bundle of appendices. One or two diagrams, the placement of arrows therein being a disproportionately time-consuming task. I’ve checked for dodgy references and scolded myself for bad librarianship for spotting a mangled quote and a few wrong names and years.

Said draft is now with my supervisors waiting for their comments at my next meeting with them in three weeks’ time.

The only problem is, and this is a fairly major issue as these things go, is that I have absolutely no idea where this draft is on the scale of good-ness. I know it’s not bad, or at least I have been reassured as much in previous discussions I have had with supervisors (the general gist has been, ‘this is fine, carry on.’ But in terms of upping my game from ‘draft’ to ‘submittable’ – I have no idea.  Is it a staircase, a few steps, a chasm that needs a helicopter and serious lifting gear? I hope I will find out in a few weeks, and that the task of rebuilding what I’ve got after supervisory demolition isn’t too horrendous.

What I do know is that I am (a) pleased there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if I have several final furlongs of tunnel still to go; (b) heartily sick of the questions ‘when will you finish?’ and ‘what will you do afterwards?’ (c) really rather fed up with the topic and wishing I had picked something exciting, like rocket science or dancing kittehs, and (d) fairly sure that (b) and (c) are normal stages to go through.

I am presenting some of my findings at the Christian New Media conference on 20 October, running a short session on good and bad practice in website content, which will provide me with a bit of light relief…