Jubilee Celebrations? Not here. Instead I’ve another nine days lined up to write, think, read, delete, re-write, delete, think a bit more, write a bit more, delete, drink tea. That seems to be pretty much how the days go (with the odd run here and there). I have set a goal of working on the PhD for 42 hours (and yes, I have included this blog post in the time for today)

I have three targets for the week, four if you include ‘don’t go stir crazy.’ They are:

  • Complete draft of literature review, which I have more or less completely unpicked since its last incarnation, currently about 70%
  • Complete draft of discussion chapter, currently about 60%
  • Keep a record of Interesting Points that might be useful for the introduction

I also aim to combine the separate Word documents I have into one long this-is-it document; after this week I don’t have a great deal of quality time for a while so ironing out problems with headings & numbering is something I can usefully do whilst waiting on feedback from the proper written work.

Let’s see how we go…