Too tired to think of a witty title. Another Bank Holiday spent doing various bits and pieces. Yesterday I started rearranging the way I had the paper copies of articles filed; physically moving them into piles and creating index cards (not by hand). I need to be able to see what I have and to be able to look at things and put things together that go together, I am too old to do that by some kind of online mechanism. I shall atone for the use of paper in later life.

I’ve been working on the literature review and discussion more or less¬†simultaneously. Write a bit of the literature review – either amending existing text so it reads less like it was written by a ten year old, or add a new paper; then write the corresponding bit of the discussion where I link my findings to the rest of the world’s research. This seems to work, but of course there are some bits that I am needing new resources for (there’s a whole section in my discussion about older people and internet things, for example). I added about 2,00o words overall today – slow going, but I think I am getting there. I’ve more articles that I haven’t used than I thought, too; and some that looked like they were relevant 18 months ago aren’t.

As usual I gave myself a massive list of things to do, and managed about two of them. And I spent part of the beginning of the day having a minor wibble about whether I will ever be able to bring the various bits I have written together into a coherent thesis. Before October.