I took a couple of days off last week to tackle the organisation of my interview findings. Crikey, that was a tough job!

I’ve got things more or less organised, and I’ve a scheme in my head of how the findings relate to the content analysis of the websites. I’ve got a huge amount of work to do on it, though, and I’ll admit that this hasn’t been the easiest of weekends. The solitariness has been tough. The fear of forgetting it all has been tricky. I keep coming across ideas that I have had that I have absolutely no recollection of whatsover. I did start to seriously doubt my sanity in undertaking this project; I’ve wondered about it before but this time I looked at what I need to do, looked at the time I have to do it in, and for want of a better word, wibbled.

Next time off is at Christmas and at that point I will be going back to my literature review and revising it with the newer work that has come out. I’ve not read my own review for several months, so that is going to be interesting.

All this is building up to my 4th year review, and the research symposium I will be part of, on 19 January.