Well, it’s not quite been a three month hiatus. In fact, not really any kind of hiatus at all. It’s just that some of the things I have spent time on have not been directly related to the work of PhD research. Still, mid-April is quite a long time since my last update.

I have continued to contact and interview various church leaders in the Chelmsford Diocesan area. I’ve had some very interesting conversations, and without much analysis, I’m seeing several themes. None of which would suprise anyone who’s worked with a local church. Today I bit the bullet and did a job I hate, telephoning prospective interviewees. I have a real horror of making cold calls; much preferring to email. But, not all these churches have an email contact that I can use… so back to the telephone it is. I spoke to three people of the eight I tried; two of whom agreed to be interviewed next weet. One who very grumpily put the phone down on me. Glad I wasn’t one of his parishoners with a sensitive problem.

I’m transcribing as I go, using my iPhone and a very old EEE PC – mostly on the train to work, which is a good use of time as far as I cam concerned. I have been playing around with Atlas.ti which is now my most favourite piece of software, mainly because of its panic button. I do intend to use this as a tool for analysis.

This week I’ll be at the second Research2 conference in Loughborough, presenting a short guide to not making idiotic statistical mistakes, and a how-to guide on quantitative content analysis.

And in vaguely related activities, I’ve begun to plan a talk at Greenbelt with Bex Lewis and Simon Jenkins; and agreed to help at social media surgeries run by Graham Richards. And, I’ve got a new job. So I’ve not been entirely slacking off…