Doesn’t time fly? I can hardly believe that I am just about to begin my fourth year as a PhD student. I try to remember sometimes what weekends were like without a constant list of PhD things to do, or when reading for pleasure on the train didn’t feel like a guilty waste of time. I’m just taking a moment to reflect on where I am…

  • I’ve got a good baseline on the number of church websites
  • I’ve got the content analysis of 147 websites well underway
  • I’ve piloted interview questions and so far have four interviews to begin this phase of the study with
  • I’ve got a literature review, methods section and fledgling results on the go.

Last week a piece was published in the Baptist Times on my work and there’s been interest from other places too.

In 2010 I made a whole bunch of new contacts in the church social media world, so much so that I’m thinking about not including any more research papers in my literature review unless I have had a pint with the authors.

I’m pretty pleased with this progress – although the things-to-do list never shrinks, and I could really do with a secret day stashed in between Sunday and Monday.