The Social Media bootcamp was the last thing I did after a week off (30 Aug – 3 Sept) dedicated to the PhD (oh, OK, and some beer drinking, running, theatregoing).  During the week I achieved a fair few things from my list (although since the list would have covered about a month off, I didn’t get it all done!).

Main achievements were:

  • Categorising the 1,064 outbound hyperlinks I’d collected from my content analysis; now I know which the most popular target sites are.
  • Preliminary investigation of my content analysis data and content analysis of churches’ welcome pages; now I know more or less what the data is telling me.
  • Setting up the document for my end of year report (due January 2011)
  • Planning interview questions
  • Reorganisation of key documents

It was difficult to go back to work and put all this on one side again; I left myself comprehensive notes about what to do next so that the demands of my day job don’t blot out entirely the direction I am travelling!