I’m having what other people call ‘holiday’ this week. I believe some people, when they take time from work, go to different countries and sit on beaches or have interesting adventures in hidden bits of Britain. I, on the other hand, am aiming to spend 32 hours on my PhD as a minimum. I should have no difficulty in achieving this, since:

(a) my to-do list has about three weeks’ worth of stuff on it

(b) it’s amazing what you can re-classify as part of PhD if you are really procrastinating hard (wallpapering the hedge was my friend Steve’s always urgent non-PhD task)

Today when I was checking Twitter for anything urgent I spotted a link to a thesis-related blog The Thesis Whisperer. I’ve not yet fully explored it, but what caught my eye in particular was the link set for Procrastination Aids. I’m particularly looking forward to having something to contribute to Is My Thesis Hot or Not?

So back to the grindstone…once I have been for a run, because of course running keeps me fit and helps me think more clearly. The fact I’m going now is nothing at all to do with the way the pile of things I’ve just lined up to read looks a bit intimidating…