This week I am going to be wielding a poster at the AHRC-funded Research Methods Forum in Loughborough. Two nights on campus will offer a great opportunity to be immersed in my research project for 48 hours after a few weeks’ break. And hopefully motivate me for the number crunching I need to do!

I was reasonably pleased with the feedback I received from Loughborough’s Graduate School poster competition in the spring. A few judges had made comments about the same things along the lines of “don’t like the white background” vs “good use of white background.” I did not receive low marks in any of the categories, so not bad for a first attempt. In addition I was not there to explain the poster in person or discuss any of the design/ text choices I had made.

I went along to a couple of the poster sessions at the SLA conference. There were a few I wanted to review for the actual content but I was also interested in seeing others’ designs. Following this and in advance of the Forum, I’ve made a few changes to my current poster. You can see it here.