On 15 March I was part of the pilot Digital Researcher event run by Vitae and the British Library. The presentations from the event are here.

When I blogged that I was going to this, I posted the same thing here and at Uncooked Data. After the event, I have a different set of observations, so I will be adding my thoughts about what I learned for academic practice here. Over at Uncooked Data I will be reflecting on the differences between academic practice and how I use social media on my day job.

First thoughts for here are:

  • The event was an ambitious pilot and largely successful
  • Sod’s law was well in force as the dedicated wifi failed at around 9.45am
  • Some participants were still quite bemused about the processes and practices being promoted
  • I found myself in the ‘expert’ category when it came to actual social media tools but ‘novice’ around the academic applications for them
  • My Personal Learning Environment is a sparsely populated space
  • I’m back at work today so will take a day or so to sift through the various Tweets, presentations and related blog posts. I’ll update this post and any related articles as I go.