I read this post recently about making best use of commuting time.

My commute is a relatively painless 60 minutes each way – except when NXEA make life difficult – it’s just the one train and I walk at either end. However, that time has been important in my research work. I have regularly used the train journey for a first reading of academic articles, or for proof reading, or anything that doesn’t involve quiet concentrated thinking. It’s also a good opportunity for planning & reviewing progress.

I use my EEE PC for basic wordprocessing – one day I will work out how to get it to talk to my T-Mobile mobile broadband. Now I have a smartphone I can keep on top of the non-work emails. I try to do something constructive on half my journeys, which gives me back five hours of ‘low grade’ work time a week – almost two evenings extra.

On the other journeys I read anything and everything that is not PhD-related.