Thursday’s end of year viva went well and I have been given the all clear to proceed to my third year, and that the registration will be for PhD not MPhil. I rather enjoyed the grilling from Dr Stevens. I had prepared a list of ‘awkward questions’ of which only one was raised (Why is my sample of churches not proportionate?)

I had not re-read my submitted report until on train journey to Lboro. (Contains progress report, draft methodology & draft literature review). Apart from spotting a few more typos, I also found myself able to critique the work from a relatively distant viewpoint. So I was not surprised when a few of these issues were raised in the viva. Does my title actually reflect what I am doing? Are there too many aims & objectives? (Is anyone ever clear about which is which? I have spent a disproportionate amount of time on this particular question). Is my literature review presenting a good story, in the right order?

There is now a new list of things to do. Some are ‘housekeeping’ (tidying up references) and some are more fundamental, but I’m now full steam ahead for the forthcoming year. (Once tomorrow is out of the way).

Thursday also involved lots of activity arising from the posting on the CT blog; replying to offers of interviews, noting comments and exploring some of the new avenues that this may be opening. So on the whole, if we ignore the train delays and slightly idiotic loss of original advance purchase tickets, Thursday was a good day.