I had another conference call supervision meeting with Anne (Goulding) and Louise on December 15. I am finding that the conference calls work really well. It saves me a day-long trip to Loughborough for a 60-minute meeting; not only saving money but time and annual leave. I can use the annual leave for days to work on the project not sit on trains. Plus, whilst I’m at Lboro I don’t really have a place to go – no office and no other colleagues, so there’s no space other than a library packed with noisy undergraduates to work whilst waiting for the train home.

The meeting was to discuss my progress so far on the project and on writing it up in my second year report. I had submitted a good draft – a bit Morecambe & Wise (all the right words but not necessarily in the right order). As well as checking some of the technical aspects, and the deadlines for submission and so on, we also discussed whether:

– the literature on content analysis of websites is better placed in the methods or the literature review

– I need to keep my health sites analysis as a comparable set of literature

– the intended work on online church still has a place within the project

In relation to this last point, it probably doesn’t: I had become increasingly convinced over the summer that it was really only something that had seemed like a good idea at the time. But as my focus is on the actual church and the actual website, there’s not really much room for the online varieties. I will still need to make reference to online church as it’s relevant, but not central. It’s the first major direction change of the project and I am quite pleased to have made the decision.

My second year viva is on 4 February so it looks like Christmas will be spent in preparation for this.