When not getting stuck in London because of trees on the line (NXEA not satisfied with the usual Autumnal leaves, oh no, they’re going for the whole tree), I have been attending to some of the admin tasks.

I’ve just discovered -eek- that a USB memory stick with a fair number of PDFs of articles may be corrupt, so I am hoping that the backup I made to CD is still OK. I am far as ‘H’ in terms of organising my personal library, making sure that I have a record of my printed articles on Refworks, uploading attachments and generally attempting to add some librarian-like method to the mess I had created.

Don’t know why I didn’t think of it last year, but I am also reading some examples of second year reports, so I know more about what I need to have ready shortly after Christmas. Last year was a nightmare; I would complete one aspect only to be told about another hurdle to jump. I did wonder at what point I had missed the memo that set out what I was trying to achieve. I am not suggesting that I needed to be told *what* to write, but I had no guidance at all about the format the report should take and it was incredibly frustrating to have successive drafts rejected for not meeting this unspecified standard.

Oh, and I renewed my library books just before they were due back. A minor triumph!