The PhD project has proceeded only slightly faster than this blog has been updated…

I am currently in a period of suspension, due to resume on 1 November. There are all sorts of reasons why this has been a good idea, too numerous and dull to record here. In the time between now and November, I will be working on a number of admin and housekeeping things, as well as keeping the research and my motivation ticking over. On my to-do list is:

– write up my attendance at the SLA conference for the PGR requirement and other activities

– Overhaul my refworks collection, publication alerts and other current awareness sources – I seem to have duplicates and a proliferation of ‘useful’ Web 2.0 tools like Delicious and Cite-U-Like

– develop further the headings and what I want to say under each for the 2nd year report but not actually do any of the writing – I will note where I am in the reading, what I will probably need to read again in November – just to make enough notes so I don’t lose the trains of thought completely.

– determine how the content analysis sample will be taken – where will I get the lists of churches from which I want to take my sample?

– plan a timeline for November to Feb