I seem to only be posting here either just after or just prior to a supervision meeting. I wonder if this suggests what my motivations are…

My next trip to Loughborough is on 30 September and I need to be sending a first draft of my first year report in a week ahead of that. So that would be in roughly two weeks’ time. It’s not that I can’t write 5,000 words in two weeks, I have no fear of that. I just can’t necessarily write 5,000 good or coherent or useful words in that time. My time off in July bombed, for various reasons, some better than others. I’ve not really read very much lately; and not really with a good excuse other than tiredness.

So I’ve spent a wet weekend catching up on what I needed to read; and variously moving papers between themed piles in order to generate the review headings I probably ought to have finalised in June. Actually it’s been better than I had hoped, once I convinced myself out of a slight panic yesterday when feeling I had to write it all by COB Saturday 6th!