I’ve spend the whole day re-running database searches and documenting the results. I’ve now got 51 references from which to draw the initial pool of articles for review. In eight months of searches, both haphazard and more ordered, I’ve found a grand total of two, count them, two – papers that look directly at the content and structure of church websites.

STURGILL, A., 2004. Scope and purposes of church Web sites. Journal of Media and Religion, 3(3), pp. 165-176.

CARR, M., 2004. The use of online information sources as a tool for mission by Parish Churches. Journal of Religious and Theological Information, 6(2), pp. 51-85.

I’ve got 49 others that may well be useful, but this is it in terms of things that are directly related to my topic.

Why’s this a busman’s holiday? Because today is Saturday, and I frequently spend the day at work doing exactly this sort of thing.